I am not a rape apologist but…

This shouldn’t be a story about a guy named C but because he decided to make it about him…here we go; this is a story about a guy named C. He has a twitter account and you can find him @Canyoucthisguy. C always has an opinion about everything and because C has a good command of English, his opinions sometimes get quoted with ‘Gbam!’ ‘Truth!’ ‘100%’ and the other associated quips you’d expect when his herd of followers agree with him…which is almost all the time.
Today, C has an opinion on a trending topic #NoMeansNo.

@Canyoucthisguy: Hey guys, I have been putting this off for a while but I guess I can’t anymore. It’s a thread!
Please note: I am not a rape apologist but maybe, just maybe if we can look at things critically, we’d see why perpetrators are sometimes not to blame.
Walk with me…This guy has always been interested in this lady, he tells her how he feels about her but she says no. Now, it would have been okay if she just said no and kept it moving but somehow she feels it’s okay to dehumanize him by airing him on her social media for being bold enough to like her. Of course, I AM NOT SAYING THE GUY WAS RIGHT TO RAPE HER but there is no way that you hurt someone and think they don’t have a right to get back at you. Again I am stating this for the record so that no one comes for me, I AM NOT A RAPE APOLOGIST & THE GUY MESSED UP…But maybe we should start looking at things from the other person’s P.O.V. End of thread! Drops pen!

Okay C, first, pick up that pen and break it, it’ll be ashamed to be associated with you. Second, because you write in CAPS doesn’t make you wise. Third, we are coming for you – a perpetrator is not ‘the other person’, he/she is a rapist; say it loud with your chest. Also, people hurt people all the time and while this is clearly wrong, no one has the right to rape another person – you don’t have the power over any other person’s body. C, there is no one to blame for the criminal act of rape other than the rapist.

C, I don’t C why you couldn’t put off this thread for a little longer, who knows, maybe common sense would have prevailed.

Finally C, you are a rape apologist and can you C why this thread should have never left your draft?